Fredrik Orderud

MSc in computer science and PhD in medical imaging from IDI and ISB at NTNU (Trondheim, Norway).
Currently working as SW architect for GE Ultrasound, GE Healthcare (Oslo, Norway).
Phone: +47 95273940
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Have completed a PhD on algorithms for real-time tracking of deformable models in volumetric data, using sequential state estimation. The primary application was automatic left ventricular segmentation in 3D echocardiography.

As part of my PhD, I developed the world's fastest algorithm for 3D segmentation and tracking with deformable models. The developed tracking framework operated 10-100 times faster than known comparable systems, with typical execution times of 5 ms per model per frame on standard computer hardware.


Examples of automatic 3D segmentation/tracking conducted in real-time:
Endocardial LV segmentation with a Doo-Sabin surface.
Endocardial and epicardial LV segmentation with two coupled Doo-Sabin surfaces.
Tracking of LV endo+epi and RV in cardiac CT.
Automatic bladder segmentation.

PhD thesis

Selected 3D segmentation/tracking publications

Other selected publications

Complete publication search (co-author of 48 publications with 244 citations as of December 2014).

Derived research

PhD theseses based on the same Kalman tracking framework: Presentation of PhD projects (presentation).


Open source activity

Active user of and minor contributor to the following open source projects:



List over some useful computer programs and libraries that I use.

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