Fredrik Orderud

MSc in computer science and PhD in medical imaging from IDI and ISB at NTNU (Trondheim, Norway).
Working as SW architect for GE Healthcare, Ultrasound (Oslo, Norway).
Phone: +47 95273940
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Have completed a PhD on algorithms for real-time tracking of deformable models in volumetric data, using sequential state estimation. The primary application was automatic left ventricular segmentation in 3D echocardiography.

As part of my PhD, I developed the world's fastest algorithm for 3D segmentation and tracking with deformable models. The developed tracking framework operated 10-100 times faster than known comparable systems, with typical execution times of 5 ms per model per frame on standard computer hardware.


Examples of automatic 3D segmentation/tracking conducted in real-time:
Endocardial LV segmentation with a Doo-Sabin surface.
Endocardial and epicardial LV segmentation with two coupled Doo-Sabin surfaces.
Tracking of LV endo+epi and RV in cardiac CT.
Automatic bladder segmentation.

PhD thesis

Selected 3D segmentation/tracking publications

Other selected publications

Complete publication search (co-author of 48 publications with 244 citations as of December 2014).

Derived research

PhD theseses based on the same Kalman tracking framework: Presentation of PhD projects (presentation).


Open source activity

Active user of and minor contributor to the following open source projects:



List over some useful computer programs and libraries that I use.

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